Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the food prepared?

I come to your home and prepare the food in your kitchen. I will work with whatever equipment you have and bring along any additional tools I may need.

How often do you come to cook?

I come to your home once a week on a day that works best for you and our chefs’ schedule. You can choose a morning or afternoon slot.

How long does it take to cook the meals for the week during your visit?

Usually I am cooking in your kitchen from 2 ½- 5 hours – depending on the menu items and number of people I am cooking for. This includes set up, prepping, cooking, and clean up.

How do you store the food?

The food is stored in your plastic or glass food storage containers. I am happy to pick some extra containers up with the groceries if you’d like – please let us know.

Can I make special requests to menu selections?

Certainly, if you have any requests or changes whatsoever, do not hesitate to speak up. I Ilcome any requests from the Ibsite, past menus, and omissions or changes to any menu item. Remember, each dish I offer is prepared just for you; so it’s completely customizable!

Can I be home while you’re cooking?

Yes of course! I am a ‘guest’ chef in your home and want you to feel comfortable to go about your routine. While I do not allot enough time for “instruction,” (unless you’ve booked a cooking class, I are happy to converse and Ilcome you to observe. For safety purposes, I ask that kids and pets be supervised, but are of course Ilcomed to be around and observing as Ill.

Do I need to make a commitment or sign a contract?

No I do not require a contract. You can use Too Busy to Cook as frequently or infrequently as you’d like. If you decided you’d like to keep a regular weekly time slot, that can be arranged.
What’s the next step? Fill out the contact form and I will contact you and to set a date for cooking!

Why would I hire a Personal Chef?

The following are just a partial list of reasons you might consider hiring a personal chef:

  • Busy professionals or families
  • New moms/parents
  • Health conscious people or special diet needs
  • People tired of eating out and/or ordering take-out
  • People wanting to entertain/host a dinner party with ease
  • People stretched for time and can’t make it to the market
  • People wanting to save money on wasted groceries or take-out
  • People who need help stocking their fridge after some time away from home
  • People who need help grocery shopping or stocking their pantry with healthier alternatives
  • Answers your age old question of “What’s for dinner?”
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