If you’ve ever wished there was two of you then Eileen is perfect! She just gets it done from grocery shopping and cooking to leaving the kitchen cleaner than when she found it. The whole family loved her cooking, it’s great to come home to delicious dinner waiting for us after busy days at work and school! I appreciated her taking the initiative to do more than I ask to keep things running smoothly. She really makes my life easier and gave me my time back. — Nicole B., Wellesley

Going out of town last minute is a daunting task when you have 4 hungry teens! I was thrilled to hear about your business and delighted with the simplicity of your website. My family was thrilled with each course that we ordered! The presentation was beautiful the food delicious and the portions were perfect. Not only did they have wonderful homemade healthy meals for dinner but happily took any leftovers to school for lunch. Your service allowed me a great sense of ease to be out of town and take care of my ailing father. You will be my go to person in the future! Thank You! — Antoinette L.

Working with Eileen was a great experience. She assisted me in planning, preparing and hosting a small dinner party with a sophisticated menu. Eileen was professional all around. She arrived on time, was very well prepared and had taken a lot of time to familiarize herself with my dishes before we began preparations.

Eileen was very well presented during the party and she assisted not only with the cooking but serving and clearing as well, which was a huge help to the chef. Her cooking abilities provide just the assistance that I needed to make my affair a success. She is very flexible and is willing to perform any request that the client requests. Her overall professional attitude and skills will ensure a successful event whether it’s dinner on Tuesday or a 50th birthday party on Saturday. — David B., Newton

Having Eileen in your kitchen is like having a close friend, your mother or your daughter there. She made me feel so comfortable and accomplished so much with so little fuss and with much ease. One of the great perks that Eileen has to offer is she cooks and makes it taste like YOU want it to! — Marion L., Waban

With her wonderful cooking skills and her easygoing but professional manner, Eileen is a wonder: like a fairy godmother, she arrives when we most need her and leaves a mountain of goodies behind (as well as a spotless kitchen). She has been cooking meals for us for a couple of months now, and everyone in our family has loved every mouthful. 2 Busy to Cook has been a godsend for our family: instead of scrambling to get dinner on the table every night, we can sit down, relax, and enjoy each other’s company. This is saving us money on school lunches, too: the kids would rather eat Eileen’s leftovers. — Nancy

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