Why a Personal Chef?

Bringing families back to the dinner table!

Chef EileenI am Eileen and I am here to offer my personal chef services to you. Too Busy to Cook is a personal chef service that provides delicious, fresh, healthy, home-made meals that are prepared in your own kitchen.

I offer a convenient solution to that annoying question at the end of the day:
“What’s for dinner?”

My service is for families and individuals that place a high value on their time and want a healthy, high-quality choice for dinner. Your family’s tastes direct what is on your customized menu.

I cook and package the meals in your home. You then come home to a sparkling clean kitchen and a house full of wonderful aromas. You just heat, serve and relax.

Reasons you may want to use my services:

1. Save money and eat healthier
2. Bringing busy families and friends back to the dinner table
3. Health conscious people or special diet needs
4. People tired of eating out and/or ordering take-out
5. People wanting to entertain/host a dinner party with ease
6. People stretched for time and can’t make it to the market
7. People wanting to save money on wasted groceries or take-out
8. People who need assistance after an injury or hospitalization
9. People who need help grocery shopping or stocking their pantry with healthier alternatives
10. Answers your age old question of “What’s for dinner?”

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